Thursday, February 12, 2009

the bourne supremacy iz teh r0x0r

I watched bourne supremacy for the umpteenth time. The scene where bourne
asks for a taxi in moscow:

Taxi driver: Rubles?
Bourne: Dollars.

Driver agrees and bourne gets into the car.

If filming of the next bourne film is done in Malaysia, I
hope the dialogue doesn't go something like this:

Taxi driver: Meter or no meter?
Bourne: No meter.
Taxi driver: Get in.

Of course in the cab the driver will go on about Obama politics and Bourne is like "Yeah I voted democrat" while some extremely good-looking assasin just hijacked a kancil and is following 50 meters behind.

Then they get stuck in a traffic jam.


Dalila Husni said...

hahaha tibe-tibe aku teringat sorg makcik ni pernah kene maki kaw kaw lepas die tak nak bayar duit teksi kat sorg driver cina ni..(off the topic)

Jamil said...

kerek gle makcik tu. O_O
dia kena charge mahal sgt kot..