Sunday, March 15, 2009

Murphy's Law is broken!

I was in a bus when Murphy's Law was broken (refer to Murphy's Law: Reds chances at Old Trafford). Which now means Benitez doesn't have to buy Danny Murphy from Fulham.
It wasnt broken by a goal or two. 4-1! I think Benitez just said to his guys before the game; "Lads, just pretend you're against Real Madrid today, and you'll be fine".

What a game. Just that I did'nt watch it.


syafiq n said...

wargh! tensi, tensi!

Yat Gunners said...

haha..kena tibai teruk dowh man cer syafik!!syg ko xtgk r jamil..

Jamil said...

syafiq, i wonder why it feels so good wathcing man u lose..haha
yat, yeah, skrang barca pon takut nak pair ngan liverpool..huhh