Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who else thinks Fabregas looks like Sylar?

My step-dad was the one who pointed this out, can't really remember whether I thought so before he told me. So hey, who else thinks Fabregas looks like Sylar?

The footballer....

and the villian...

look like some kind of long lost twin brothers.

I googled 'fabregas looks like sylar' btw, and yeah, teh interwebs thinks the same..

Why don't they change places for a day, huh? I bet sylar could win the premiership single handedly.

Instead we have a guy who spits at assistant managers.


Yat Gunners said...

omg,srius same dowh..ptt la aku mcm pnh tgk je muka sylar tue,tp xingt..haha..aku pun xtau cesc btul spit ke x kat ballack and phil brown's assistant..haha..

Anonymous said...

aku je ke yg kate fabregas ade iras2 jow jonas??
tp ofcourse la fabregas lagi man dari jow tuh.
tp muke cam lebih kurang je aku rase.
tak ek?

Anonymous said...

i hit the wrong keypad 2 times!
its JOE not jow. haha

Jamil said...

yat - either phil's assistant tipu atau fabregas tipu.. tp kau mesti caye kat fabregas nyer heh
nunie- huh yer ker? ak tgk xde pon.. joe lg boyish ar..